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Team Training Program


Is sales art or science???

According to some sales person it is an art but according to some person it is science. Here your team will exactly know about basics of sales and will have clarity about what is sales. And to deal sales?

Thumb Rule Sales

In this sales training your team will come to know about customer’s reaction that at first any customer buys a sales person, then he listen about company ( is it a brand or non-brand), Then finally he will take a look on product. So now you have clarity about customer’s reaction.

Customer Analysis

A sales person should has an x-ray mechanism to identify customer’s requirement i.e. Customer has problem regarding money, or he is an unauthorised person, or he has a need of our thisproduct or something else.

Sales Funnel

Team will come to know about sales process. In this process a sales person will get complete idea what to do for sales. How to start sales call, what should be the opening in front of client and how to take order from client at closing time by scientific method.