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Business Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Eligibility for this consultancy

When basics of a manufacturing company are clear and when team and company is ready for one vision. When company is ready to execute any strategic idea with Clear role and department of team members. Only then a company is eligible for this service.

Wants to maintain production

If a company is struggling with production department, Then “TPM” Total Production Management, Process is applied to increase the production efficiency, to learn about waste management, cost cutting.

Wants to maintain Quality of Product

Here if you want to maintain a qualitative production then we have to identify some criteria of business. And By using TQM (Total Quality management) or Lean Six Sigma methods we can achieve our goals.

Wants effective workplace/manufacturing unit

A person who wants an effective work place then he should apply 5’S system in his company. 5’s means Sorting of products, setting in order, Shining, Standardize, and sustain the changes. If an entrepreneur wants more production in less motion of things/people, then this is the best thing that he can do for his business.