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Director’s Message

Director’s Message:-

Hello Champions,

We welcome you in our successful journey and Gurukul Family which is full of energy, enthusiasm. So be ready to be Gurukulian!!!

So first of all we want to thanks those persons who trusted Gurukul and gave a chance to prove us at starting period of Gurukul and Definitely now they are an important part of Gurukul.

We only know that Business is the only religion for a business person. A person who has vast vision, with a strong mission and crystal and clear goal, who works with ethics will definitely fulfil his/her dreams for the organization.

Any kind of business goes through Six Stages stages Start up, Growth, Maturity, Sustainability, Decline and regrowth what we call BLC process ( Business Life Cycle). He an entrepreneur does his personal, his team and his business’s SWOT Analysis( Strength, Weakness, opportunity, Threats) carefully and deeply only then he can predict with accuracy for his/her business.

Definitely we are on a mission that is to fulfil every entrepreneursrequirement and to remove hurdles from their path. So we set our big hairy audacious goal to complete our mission i.e.

We will make Gurukul a 5000 cr. Company.

We will work with a team of 50,000 associates.

We will serve 100 countries.

And at last we will achieve all this before 31st December 2027.

Message From MD

“when your are on field ther is no chance to fail”

MD, Business Trainer & Consultant.


Surat Office

Message From MD

“Success is something that is attracted by Self Development”

MD, Business Trainer & Consultant


Surat Office