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Business Consultancy

System and Process Implementation Consultancy

“Gurukul believes that Training is the part ofonly motivation, and Consultancy is the way for implementation. When we studied in market we found that maximum organizations are person centric it means when owner is present work is going with more productivity, but in the absence of owner it seems down. Right! In this situation what you have to do and what will you do????? So here we provide you a solution that will make your business from person centric to system centric. From that there will be no affection of resignation or termination on your company.”

To analyse current positioning

If someone want to achieve next level then first he has to identify about current status. What is the company’s market position, which type of customer I want for my product, which sources I am using to attract customers and which are more or less effective out of all? So this would be the first thing that should be done to achieve company’s sales target.

Find out your USP

You have to know which factor is working behind your product sales sustainability? Is this quality, Quantity, hygiene, Price or something else? Then make next sales target by focusing on your “Unique selling proposition”

Develop service or product

3) Improvisation and addition in your products/services is the main step to boost sales. But designing a new product/ service should be as per market need and as per end user’s requirement.

To create brand awareness

Then the we have create a brand awareness in market regarding our USP and products/Services to become trustworthy company in market.

Marketing is the right hand of company to boost the sales

Here we can use different marketing Strategies to attract more and more customers. To increase footfalls, to increase sales a company should go with physical as well as digital marketing platforms.

Dynamic Sales team

Team will come to know about sales process. In this process a sales person will get complete idea what to do for sales. How to start sales call, what should be the opening in front of client and how to take order from client at closing time by scientific method .